Women Play True Or False: Makeup Edition

“People are crazy! What are you guys doing?”

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/81892

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SFX Provided By AudioBlocks

11 colorful cartoon make up elements
Olga Andreevna Shevchenko/Getty Images
Makeup illustrations in cartoon style. Beautiful smiling sexy female lips
ONYXprj/Getty Images
Cartoon cats set
Sudowoodo/Getty Images
Pokemon Muk illustration
gulari/Getty Images
Chicken wings with french fries. Detailed Vector Icon
Anna_zabella/Getty Images

Close-up Beautiful Blue Eye
mputsylo/Getty Images
close up of woman lips with red lipstick making kissing
dolgachov/Getty Images
Spreading colored smoke, wiping frame concentrically inwards.
Alexey Cheprakov/Getty Images
Cosmetic brush with golden cosmetic powder for make up
chizheffsky/Getty Images
macro on white eye lashes with mascara moving
Kazzakova/Getty Images
black liquid texture and mascara brush moving this liquid
Kazzakova/Getty Images
A young, beautiful girl is playing with a gentle, gray cat. He scratching his ears, caresses . Happy. Indoor
Patramansky/Getty Images
Bride and Groom Holding Hands
MakanaCreative/Getty Images
Preparation of a beautiful bride on the wedding day in slow motion.
Alexeg84/Getty Images
Gray rat washing close-up
Eduard Lysenko/Getty Images
Woman applying mascara on eyelashes
Rasulovs/Getty Images
Macro close-up of woman’s lips
Ondine32/Getty Images
Macro close-up of beautiful woman
Ondine32/Getty Images
Eye iris contracting
narkorn/Getty Images
eye close-up macro blinking beauty woman glossy green
Ondine32/Getty Images
Makeup, Cosmetics, Beauty Products
dtiberio/Getty Images



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