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Bob Proctor explains the importance of living in harmony with the Law of Vibration and how you can attract anything you want in your life! Click here to learn more about the Law of Vibration!:

When you’re in love with someone or something, you’re in resonance with it. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned, meaning they are all operating on the same frequency. That’s why being in love feels so good.

When your subconscious mind, which is also your emotional mind, has a different belief system than what you are wishing for, your beliefs will win because they are thousands of times stronger than your desires.

So if you want a new house and to start a new business, it won’t happen if the voice in your head is saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

But where does that naysaying voice come from? Why do you believe that you can’t have those things?

The fact is, you’ve been conditioned from birth to believe that the Universe operates in a very different way from what Bob and other masters of Universal Laws teach. You’ve been taught to think in a way that moves you AWAY from things you really want.

And it’s not just you. We’ve all been conditioned this way. Little children all over the world are getting this conditioning from their parents and in their classrooms right now.

But now you can learn a new way. A way that is guaranteed to bring you everything you want and more. Not because Bob and I say so. Not even because that’s what has happened to us and to countless others. But because that’s the way God designed the Universe.

As you learn more about vibration and attraction, start to pay attention to how you are feeling in each moment. When you’re feeling down or negative things are happening, do something to raise your vibration.

There are countless things you can do, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:
1. Write down ten things you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude.
2. Listen to music you love.
Walk in nature.
3. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.
4. Send love to three people who are bothering you.
5. Paying attention to, and consciously raising, your vibration is a great way to start attracting more good into your life.

The proof will be in the results
What you’re discovering here are Universal Laws that are operating all the time—whether you’re paying attention to them or not.

Today’s video and post are meant to expand your awareness of those laws, and how to think, act and live in harmony with them. But undoing a lifetime of education and conditioning is not easy. Simple, yes. But not easy.

So as you’re doing things to change your programming (such as reading your goal card and visualizing) and your vibration, your mind is going to tell you that what you want is too big or too far out of reach.

Our friend, Mary Morrissey’s advice for dealing with those negative thoughts is to keep telling them, “I’ll deal with you later.” Just keep telling them later, later, later… and pretty soon you won’t have them anymore. Later will be never.

Why? Because you’ll start to get better results that prove the ideas that you’re learning. Now you know why you can ask for wealth every day for years and nothing ever manifests. It’s all about the vibration you’re sending out. Let Bob teach you how to get in harmony with your desire so you can finally attract it to you. It’s a miraculous process that is so powerful your vibration will increase just by being in the room.

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