The BEST Social Media Strategy for EVERY Business in 2021… (TOP 4 TIPS)

Looking for more ideas to get more traffic to your website? Here are the best social media strategies for 2021.

Social Media Strategy #1: Rethink Your Facebook Page
There are a ton of marketers who believe that Facebook is on its way out. These experts advise you to create one page with all your different products and services in order to get more likes, shares, and followers. That way, your followers will be able to stay up to date with any new deals you’re running or any new product releases you have coming up.

Social Media Strategy #2: Go Live on Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories is great for getting people’s attention and quickly selling them on whatever your company does. With just 15 seconds, you can tell a customer everything they need to know about your business and why they should use your products or services.

Social Media Strategy #3: Have an Active Twitter Account
While we have all heard that Twitter is going to fall off the map in the next five years, it’s still a great place to get your company’s name out there. If you follow a lot of people who are interested in your specific industry, you can quickly build up a wide following on Twitter in a short amount of time.

Social Media Strategy #4: Use Pinterest to Create a Visual Brand
Pinterest is great for getting people interested in your company’s visual aesthetic. People want to know what you look like, what your products and services look like, and would love to see picture-worthy headlines that will make them click through to your website.

Social Media Strategy #5: Don’t Forget About Reddit!
There are so many marketers who think of Reddit as the essence of all that is evil on the internet. But in reality, Reddit can be an amazing place to connect with potential customers who genuinely want to know about what you have to offer.

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