Frozen Shoulder Exercises V2 – Adhesive Capsulitis – Calcific Tendonitis – Shoulder Stiffness

Frozen shoulder exercises to help lubricate and loosen your stiff shoulders. Shoulders can either be moving too much or moving too little or even have shoulder fixations while having rotator cuff tears. In turn, they need shoulder mobilization or shoulder stabilization or a combination of the two. These exercises are for tight shoulders from conditions like arthritis in the shoulder joint, a fractured shoulder joint that healed too tightly, adhesive capsulitis, scar tissue in the shoulder joint, overly tight muscles like the subscapularis muscle and in some cases of bone spurs in the shoulder area.
As always, listen to your shoulder and only do these if they do not exacerbate your shoulder pain.

Along with these exercises, get some ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) to hasten your healing.
Do my other Frozen Shoulder video:
Frozen Shoulder videos:

NEXT…Begin to strengthen with this workout

AND..Once you have full range of motion and no pain, start to strengthen with these videos:
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Enjoy your strong shoulders and let me know if you need to come into the office for further help. You can go to and click “book online”.


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