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Feel better About Yourself by understanding your value as a person has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank. Although we are good at showing people appreciation, how often do we treat ourselves with the same level of care and kindness? Your self-esteem is a reflection of how highly you think of yourself. Independent thought, contentment, openness to new experiences, cooperation, optimism, and adaptability are all results of a healthy sense of self-worth.

Conversely, unhealthy or poor self-esteem only leads to irrational ideas, depression, anxiety, resistance to change, defensiveness, and a pessimistic attitude on life. If we have a positive self-image—one that includes happiness, a kind disposition, and a sense of self-assurance—then others will likely have the same impression of us.

One cannot expect to be treated with respect by others if one does not treat oneself with respect. The key to discovering and cultivating your own sense of worth is, unsurprisingly, fostering a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Developing your self-worth Here are some suggestions for cultivating and bolstering your sense of self-worth and having a more positive and healthy view of yourself. Don’t let the criticism of others get to you; instead, consider it constructive feedback. Set aside sometime each day to reflect on your life, meditate, and discover your many wonderful attributes. Feel proud of yourself no matter how tiny the accomplishment.

Do something you love every day, whether it’s taking a stroll in the fresh air or relaxing in a hot tub full of bubbles. You can get rid of your negative emotions and thoughts simply by consciously choosing specific words when talking to yourself.

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